Macs appear to be less vulnerable to hackers’ attacks. The reason is rather simple: Macs are used by a smaller number of users than Windows and consequently, this OS is not as attractive for hackers.

However, it does not mean that Macs are completely protected and you will rest in peace if you’re a Mac addict. Macs also get infected by ransomware, Trojans, adware, and they’re vulnerable to password theft. In actuality, experts acknowledge that Mac malicious software appears far more frequently than they predicted just many years back.

Therefore, it’s not too intelligent to ignore safety issues even in the event that you’ve been using Mac for ages and never heard anything about attacks on the consumers just like you. Furthermore, you want a particular kind of antivirus software to defend your system. The fantastic news is that many of top-rated antivirus suppliers have offers for Mac users (here is the best antivirus), you simply have to pick the one which fits your likes and tastes.


How We Test

While third-party test results are extremely helpful and vital, typically, in-house evaluations create a better image of a program’s functionality. Our team of experts always runs a string of real-world tests to get the most secure and dependable antivirus on the market. We’ve got a collection of harmful Mac malware and unleash it on the OS, allowing every antivirus to handle it on its own.

The collection is composed of 170+ malware samples at a zipped archive; once opened, it lets out the threats. One of the defining things about the antivirus is how quickly it reacts to incoming threats. The quicker it responds, the less opportunity the infected files have at taking over the machine. Fantastic news: most solutions in the present list managed to eliminate each and every bit of malicious code before it could cause any harm.

A number of them quarantine these files rather than deleting them, allowing the consumer to decide what to do together. These tests enable us to monitor the CPU and RAM action and see exactly how each antivirus effects functionality. If it gets the OS lag during a full scan, that means that you won’t have the ability to use your mobile device until the scan is finished. Thankfully, nearly all modern-day Android antivirus products do not require all your phone’s resources to operate.

Do Macs Want an Antivirus?

Are you asking yourself — do I need antivirus security for Mac? This is a frequent question among MacOS users. Since Windows is still the most popular operating system, in addition, it has the biggest target on its back. However, that does not mean the rest of the programs (including Mac) are completely safe from any online dangers. The Mac is vulnerable to adware, ransomware, spyware, Trojans, and all types of other malware.

However, its security model is extremely different from Windows, and that’s why it’s harder for cybercriminals to crack it. According to specialists, adware is the most common threat to get a Mac system. This is important: most antivirus solutions for Mac are heavily dependent on the original Win versions. And while they include big malware databases to the Microsoft OS, they do not contain any Mac malware.

And bear in mind that you need to install the ideal antivirus for iPhone to protect it as well.

Besides, these ported antiviruses work considerably slower on MacOS than on Windows. As a rule of thumb, antivirus software that runs regular checks in the background isn’t suggested for Mac, as it tends to slow down the system. Still, the reply to the question — if I use antivirus on Mac — is yes, you definitely should. That’s particularly true when you are constantly sending emails to Windows owners (their devices will be more vulnerable to Mac-exclusive threats).

Bottom Line

Macs appear to be less vulnerable to numerous threats. In actuality, many users ignore the requirement to receive good protection for their own machines. Finally, a vast majority of antivirus providers offer a very limited set of security features for Macs.

Nevertheless, Macs do require security. Despite the fact that they’re not hackers’ most important target, they may be damaged seriously. In any case, it’s much better to be a step forward than sorrow you relied on the premise that Macs aren’t appealing for cybercriminals.

The fantastic news is that it’s not tough to obtain an antivirus for Mac. And you don’t need to spend a fortune to defend your computer.

Take simple measures to keep your Mac safe!