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We frequently struggle with elevated levels of stress and empathy fatigue in our livelihood, but that exhaustion is beginning to become complete physical fatigue for many working within this business. Like most businesses in the USA, the veterinary business is functioning shorthanded. A new US poll revealed that 42 percent of small businesses report they are fighting to meet job openings and are functioning with a diminished group. Couple that with the fact that there’s a drastic growth in demand for health care services and we’re experiencing business wide fatigue.

Is there a way to maintain the angry customer demand from destroying us to the thankful customers? Is there a way to keep from feeling overwhelmed, tired, and tired?

Just keep in mind you can only control your own behaviour and attention to your group during those stressful times. Our profession should work together to deal with customer abuses and maintenance for the emotional health of ourselves and our teams. We’re the people who love animals, and we will need to continue to appreciate and care for ourselves so that we could continue to perform our work. Nearly all the customers will value your attempts to take care of your staff and yourself.

“Speak to yourself as you would to somebody you adore.” – Brené Brown